Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE):
Executive Director of The Breakthrough Center

  • Launched MSDE’s The Breakthrough Center, a nationally recognized system of support that facilitates cross-district and cross-sector collaboration, supports district capacity-building, and drives policy changes to better support districts and schools in achieving and sustaining improvement
  • Led Maryland’s Race to the Top reform initiative to turn around the lowest-achieving schools
  • Selected as one of sixteen founding advisory members of the national Network of State Turnaround and Improvement Leaders, a partnership between the Center on School Turnaround and the Academic Development Institute
  • Coached Maryland Superintendents in developing and implementing a systemic improvement plan to build instructional leadership capacity of school leaders
  • Built the capacity of The Breakthrough Center to collaboratively support 21 Priority schools and 41 Focus schools
  • Represented MSDE on national-level boards and conferences, including Center for Education Policy, National School Boards Association, New School Venture Fund, Chief Council of State School Officers, Alliance for Excellence in Education, Center on School Turnaround

Howard County Public School System (HCPSS):
Assistant Superintendent,
Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology

  • Designed an innovative School Improvement Unit to build capacity of leaders, teachers, and students in low-performing schools resulting in the removal of all schools in NCLB improvement (total of six) from improvement over two years
  • Conceived and launched dynamic professional development program that included built-in succession planning elements and produced immediate student performance gains
  • Collaborated across program areas and engaged community to provide innovative and targeted programming in special education, resulting in performance increases of 22 percentage points among special education student group
  • Developed a K-12 Academic Intervention Programming Model resulting in increase in student achievement
  • Created an electronic curriculum management system to provide staff with 24/7 access to curriculum documents, resources, and digital content
  • Coordinated the development of local benchmark assessments for all state-assessed content areas
  • Established the Office of International Student Services to provide specialized services for English Language Learners
  • Envisioned and implemented a 21st Century system tool, the Collaborative Learning Community, for messaging, scheduling, group discussion, teacher webpages, and e-learning
  • Restructured the Information Technology Department in Howard County to operate more efficiently and with a client-focused orientation
  • Developed a instructional and operational district technology plan for a 21st century learning environment
  • Coordinated the transformation of district’s vocational program into career academies with higher standards and increased student access
  • Designed conceptual plan and guided formation of STEMBEC, Howard County’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Business Education Coalition
  • Played leading role in developing strategic business and community partnerships to enhance supply of resources and offerings to students and families in Howard County
  • Developed vision and blueprint for Howard County’s Five-Year Master Strategic Plan
  • Implemented a performance-driven budget accountability system within each program area that measured impact and efficiency of strategies
  • Selected to present at the World Council for Gifed/Talented Children Conference, Barcelona, Spain
  • Formalized partnership with Iksan school district in South Korea


Executive Director, The Breakthrough Center, MSDE, 2008-2014  

  • Established executive-level and implementation-level structures to integrate The Breakthrough Center into the implementation levels of the Department, identify and develop relevant and high-impact supports and services that districts and schools need, and ensure that the services are coordinated across and among the Divisions. Coordinate and integrate services and resources across MSDE Divisions for delivery to districts and schools across Maryland
  • Established state-level business and community partnerships to support advancement of The Breakthrough Center and district-level business and community partnerships to leverage its work in districts
  • Successfully applied for and received a grant from the National Governor’s Association (one of only four in the country awarded)
  • Provided $ 4 million for technology in designated schools in four schools districts to increase access and equity in high poverty schools and equip teachers with 21st Century tools to increase student engagement
  • Conceived and led implementation of statewide co-teaching network
  • Led the integration of The Breakthrough Center into the work of Divisions across the Department
  • Coached Superintendents in organizational development, community relations, professional development, instructional improvement, resource allocation, and leadership to achieve community engagement and rapid improvement
  • Convened and led policy practitioners’ workgroup comprised of district officials throughout Maryland to advise state-level policy adoption and adjustments that will catalyze and sustain rapid district and school improvement

Assistant Superintendent Curriculum, Instruction, Technology, HCPSS, 2005-2008  

  • Provided forward-thinking leadership to integration and alignment of technology to support instruction and technology literacy in all schools and advancement of system goals
  • Engaged stakeholders (parents, teachers, students, industry) in identification, resolution, and roll-out of new technology
  • Led organizational restructuring to better integrate technology and instruction and drive customer-focused approach to delivery
  • Created an e-Learning department to support technology innovations
  • Envisioned and implemented a 21st Century system tool, the Collaborative Learning Community, for messaging, scheduling, group discussion, teacher webpages, and e-learning
  • Implemented recruitment and training plan to attract and retain talented staff to support integration of technology throughout the system
  • Provide direction to development of district’s long-range technology plan in alignment with MSDE standards

Assistant Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction, HCPSS, 2002-2005

Developed and led the School Improvement Unit, which aligned and focused resources (money, people, time) and teacher and instructional leader professional development consistent with need, resulting in rapid and sustained improvement

  • Collaborated across program areas and engaged community to provide innovative and targeted programming in special education, resulting in performance increases of 22 percentage points among special education student group
  • Developed a K-12 Academic Intervention Programming Model resulting in increased student achievement
  • Led development and implementation of instructional components of The Bridge to Excellence Plan Comprehensive Master Plan resulting in narrowing of achievement gap and performance increases among each student group
  • Responsible for performance and management of more than 250 staff among 64 program areas

Director of Curricular Programs, HCPSS, 1998-2002

  • Coordinated Prekindergarten through Grade 12 curricular programs
  • Led curriculum and assessment development process
  • Provided leadership to the development of local benchmark assessments in all state-assessed content areas
  • Managed budget in excess of $250M
  • Led professional development programs for administrators and teachers
  • Created grants office and procedures for grant procurement and administration

Additional Relevant Experience

Adjunct Faculty, The Johns Hopkins University, 1990-present  

  • Taught graduate-level seminar courses for Teach for America candidates
  • Assisted in development of coursework for Graduate Certification in Gifted Education.
  • Taught graduate coursework in Teacher Development Leadership Programs in curriculum, instruction, administration, leadership, and education policy
  • Taught Faculty Development Seminars to train medical and liberal arts faculty members in current instructional techniques

Professional Affiliations and Awards

  • Johns Hopkins University Teaching and Learning Advisory Council
  • National Schools Turnaround and Improvement Leaders
  • FGS Social Impact Organization Advisory Board
  • Maryland Instructional Technology Advisory Council
  • Maryland Society for Education Technology
  • International Society for Technology Educators
  • Maryland Educators for Gifted Students
  • Most Recent Conference Presentations: Academy for School Turnaround 2013, MAG 2011, Common Ground Conference 2012, National Special Education Conference 2011
  • International Society for Technology Education, Making It Happen Award 2011
  • Maryland Outstanding Technology Leader in Education 2007
  • Maryland Outstanding Educator in Gifted Education 2006

Advanced Graduate Studies, 1985-present
The Johns Hopkins University
Loyola College
University of Connecticut
Howard Community College

40 hours beyond Masters Degree: administration, supervision, human relations, education research, statistics doctoral seminars, curriculum development, and gifted education

Masters Degree, 1981
Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland

Bachelor of Arts Degree, 1974
Towson State University, Baltimore, Maryland